Consulting Innovation

Consulting Innovation 2018-01-16T10:37:46+00:00

– Due diligence, M&A counsel and risk analysis of (thermal, wind, hydro) power plants investments

– Counsel in Acustics, Anemology, Hydrology, Environmental/Safety/Risk Analysis, Atmospheric emission control, Energy resource estimate, Soil cleaning

– Counsel in industrial plans, industrial marketing,investments evaluation, economics for such industries as steel, cement, industrial gas, mining and petrochemicals.

– Energy audit by:

  1. Measure of power and thermal energy consumption, water consumption and comparison with Best Practices
  2. Definition of investments and savings related to the use of best available technologies
  3. Proposal of a Guaranteed Performance Contract
  4. Project implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the implemented solution

– Innovative solutions for energy efficiency

Hybrid solar thermal and PV panel

District heating/cool ing with electric energy generation

Natural gas or biomass feed with solar thermal integration


Solar cooling